'Expression' Of A Thoughtful Sailor

What i read,write and capture….i just share.


Profesionally I’m a Sailor.
I’m here to share what i like.
About my Journeys,Experiences,Articles,Photographs taken by me,Knowledge.
I hope and wish to entertain and to be entertained with my pen and choice.
Added “Short Untold Stories”..These are the stories related to sea life and seamen.I am sure that our world(mariner’s) is still a subject of intrest to those who don’t know what it takes to live and work at sea.These stories are some of my own experiences and some are those i heard while working with my fellow mariners,but still i leave this decision on to those who read to believe or not that they are true or merely a work of fiction.I’m sure they are entertaining enough.
“The only diffrence between reality and fiction is that the fiction is incredibly perfect.”
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5 thoughts on “About

  1. You went and done it. You went and followed Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. You are now one of Uncle Bardie’s Band of Merry Followers. Just so you know, Uncle Bardie’s a hoot, and he’s got quite a few whoppers in his bag of stories. Some funny, some not so funny. But all told for your entertainment. Thank you for following his blog.


  2. Thanks so much for following our blog 🙂 We appreciate you taking the time to visit us and we hope you will stop by often and say g’day!! Happy blogging as we are sure you have plenty of stories and adventures to share!


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