The process of becoming a sailor is definitely a rigorous one but if you really want to achieve your dream it’s important to amake your approach as technical as you can. So here is the draft for email.if you do not find any information regarding sponsorship at any of company’s website or in Marex,seajob etc you can mail a company directly.You can easily get the email addresses from their website or from my previous post.

Subject: Application for (Rank) Deck Cadet,Trainee Marine Engineer or Graduate Marine Engineer.

Salutation: If you are applying for engineering use CHIEF ENGINEER for Deck use CAPTAIN. If you have the person’s name write it or leave it as SIR/MADAM.

Introduction: My name is ………….., I am writing this mail to apply for the sponsorship from your company as provided on (your website or advertisement dated………) *If you are applying directly then write until FROM YOUR COMPANY.

I have been an obedient and punctual student throughout my academics. I believe in honesty and hardwork. Attached are my marksheets and cv.

Sir if get the opportunity to prove my worth for the esteemed organisation it will be my foremost duty to serve it with utter dedication. Kindly have a look at my application. Thankyou

Here is the list of documents attached




Yours sincerely,


Phone number.


Complete Address
Points to remember

1 Don’t write more and don’t leave it empty. Make sure it’s professional. This is not the only format you can use. Try to make your point and give a brief description of yourself. Why they should give you sponsorship.

2 Your email address should be professional. Don’t use emails like etc find the mail address as humble as possible. etc

3 Attach your CV in word format and clear scan copies from a scanner not from mobile phone pictures with proper name if it’s your 10th marksheet it should be named so.

4 The file of your CV with your name added in it example “CV Akshay Singh.”

5 Check double time for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Don’t use short spelling. Example Hi for hello,dnt for don’t or do not,

6 If you receive a phone call make sure it’s the best time you can talk or better if you make time when you get it.

7 If you are attaching documents specify what documents. Birth certificate, 10th marksheet, address proof, photo ID proof etc.

I have tried my best to make it simple and easy. Don’t stop yourself to use your own ideas just make sure it’s the what you could do using polite and straight words to step on the first platform in the journey of becoming a Merchant Navy Officer.

Good luck.

Until next time.