I get this question almost everyday that How to join Merchant Navy ? but the real question should be “Whats the real way to join merchant navy ?”, which is explained in one of my previous post. A very integral part of the process is to get sponsorship from a shipping company so that after completing required training and courses the training on ship gets started.So, here i am trying to explain above said question for almost all the beginning posts viz. Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets, TME(Trainee Marine Engineer), ETO(Electro Techno Officer).

First of all the aspirant need to evaluate himself or herself that whether or not you posses that mettle to be a SAILOR.


Starting from browsing through the website of a shipping company for information about sponsorship examination if you get that then follow the procedure but if there is no such thing mentioned then You need to write a professional email to the companies recruitment department or sponsorship department to screen you for the particular sponsorship post.I am providing a list of companies with email addresses to help you guys.I will also provide a sample draft of that email.

Point to remember: It doesn’t matter if a particular company rejects your application keep trying because going directly to an Institute for training after IMU-CET wont guarantee a shipboard training.

            Company                    E-mail
Wallem Ship Management         rls@wallem.com 
Elite Mariners   survey@elitemarineservices.com


Fleet Management   fleet@greatship.com
Univan uvmumgen@univan.com.hk
V . Ships Ship Mangement bombay@vships.com
K-Line molmi@molmi.com
Seaarland Management Services ssjairam@seaarland.co.in
Executive Ship Management (ESM)   seajobs@executiveship.com
Bernard Schulte Ship Management                              –
NYK Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.   cv.mumbai@nyksm.com
MSC Ship Management INDIA Pvt. Ltd. jobs@mscsmi.com
Dockendale Shipping Company Limited  dockship@vsnl.com
EMS Selandia Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. vacancy.selandia@emsasa.com
IMS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.


Northern Marine Management India Pvt. Ltd. nmmindiarecruit@stena.com
Orient Express Ship Management Limited 



An article containing sample email will follow soon.