Fox at Sea

Ok so it’s been a while…  A long while…  My bad…  In a nutshell I was really bored, really tired (of almost everything) and just wanted the trip to be over, hence my lack of enthusiasm to blog.

So I left off back in January when we were around Japan and I’d just started being Official Helmsgurrrl.  Well I’m pleased to announce that from Singapore all the way around to Bremerhaven where I left the ship, it remained intact and dent free from my driving.  Yeah I’m not bad at the whole steering lark (I should be with 90 odd hours of it) but I always had a really deep fear that I’d get overconfident/cocky and do something…  “Less than ideal” shall we say.  Lucky I had a fear of that fear so all was well.  Steering all of the locks of the Panama Canal and then into Manzanillo…

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