Alcohol and Sailors,can’t be separated.It’s not like this.To drink or not is a personal choice.But the fact is alot of money is spent by sailors on boozing.This story has an incident which was narrated to me and my fellow sailors as a precaution we all should take.

M/T XYZ is a malaysian crude oil tanker sailing across pacific and arabian sea,from oil fields of saudi to oil ports of malaysia.A decent company,a professional fleet of sailors.
Things were just fine and upto the mark.Whenever the ship is at a port,sailors use to take shore leaves,going out,getting drunk and clubbing etc.Sometime they use to buy liquor from fishing boats which is illegal and dangerous,because that liquor could be poisnous.Nothing like that happened to them before so for them it was a cheap deal,somewhat $ 10/100 liter.
But you never know.
One day they bought a fresh barrel and at the end of the day started drinking.The liquor was so poisnous that two of them lost their eyes,one of them lost his voice and one his life.
Practices like this should never be entertained not because of some rule or code but for our own safety.If you want to drink,drink good.
The guy who told us was the survivor and can not work anymore,devastated,his wife left him,no support from his family.He now give lectures

Moral : If u wanna drink,drink expensive.Do not compromise.

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