This sad incident is about 3 yrs old and was narrated to me by a senior of mine.its about the unfortunate sinkinhg of a ship.i am not replacing names intentionaly so that nobody’s emotions get hurt.

Manish joined the ship as a deck cadet.It was his first joining and despite of the small size and condition of the ship M/V XYZ,he was happy.Believe me you,its really an amazing moment when we pass out our training but the time between last day of training and to join the first ship is not less then paying the price of that delightment with intrest added in it.He left his home in Dehradun,Uttranchal(India),so happily that there was no sign of sadness at the face and inside the heart because finally he is going to join the ship.All the family was happy too.
Joining was scheduled from port Rajburana,Bangkok(Thailand) where he arrived after taking a 4 hrs long flight from India and a taxi afterwards.
First week onboard is the most important week as there are many spectators watching every action of yours so that they can treat you accordingly.After getting assigned to his cabin and all the duties,familiarization,he was asked to go and have some sleep.He was told that he can start tomorrow.Thats how first day ended.
Things were going just fine,he was workin with utmost dedication and commitment that every crew member(9 in total) of the ship seems to like him.He was one of the two Indians onboard,other one was the engine cadet Manpreet from Punjab.
Their work was to load wooden logs from a port and offload them at the other.His job was in two shifts, one with the bosun doing various maintenance jobs(chippin,painting etc.) and the other one in the navigation room with the chief officer learning.
The Unfortunate Night Of The Incident
Manish was tired after his first ship.He took his meal and went directly into his box shaped bed unaware of the cruel intentions of fate.Ship was loaded fully with logs and was enroute to its destination.Logs were secured by strong ropes at the deck and frequent rounds of were made by the watchmen to ensure that all the lashing ropes are safe and secured.But that night while the weather was not so good and ship was experiencing some thrusts of the waves.Suddenly one strong thrust breaks a tensed rope and with that all the lashing ropes due to increse of tension broke in same direction,and this leads those heave logs to fall in one direction making the ship heavy at one side and into the blue water of Pacific.It was so fast that even captain didnt know what just happened.All the crew except two the bosun and Manpreet who jumped into water withoiy wearing their life jackets because they were on the deck.
No distress call,No transponder,Nothing was done by the captain or any other officer present,reason was clear,all of that happened in 10 seconds….
On the other side where the bosun and Manpreet saw their ship sinking were helpless.They both saw a dim light at a distance and decided to swim towards it,on their quest bosun lost his breath and joined other members of the ship,he drowned himself.Manpreet somehow swam across all the way almost two hours to reach shore.There he saw some small boats and decided to call them for help.He was panting fiercely but he called them in hope.
After listening to Manpreet in his limited vocabulary of Thai words those boatmen sailed toward the sea but hey they didnt know where to look.
Later search and rescue operation were ordered but they failed to find anything.Many lives along with Manish,were lost,couldn’t find the bodies,In a battle between water and life,and we always listen this quote that “water is life”.
We can argue over whose fault was there actually, but regardless of that,result will be the same

.To all those who couldnt make it.
Rest in Peace Brothers

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